Teaching is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job. My goal is to foster an inclusive environment where all students develop their abilities to think critically about political science research, develop evidence-based arguments, and communicate those arguments persuasively. It is important to me that with respect to each "big question", I present students not only with relevant foundational works by Western scholars, but also with viewpoints from groups that are traditionally under-represented on political science syllabi. In the classroom, my pedagogical approach is informed by research on effective teaching and learning skills. This includes an emphasis on active learning activities.

At UCSD I have served as the instructor of record for a self-designed, upper division undergraduate course on International Law (syllabus).

100% of students who completed evaluations recommended me as an instructor and 100% recommended my course.

I also served as an undergraduate research mentor in the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years. As a research mentor, I focus on developing research skills most marketable for students based on their career goals, including data visualization skills in R and writing for policymakers.

At UCSD I have worked every quarter as a teaching assistant for numerous undergraduate courses in international relations and comparative politics, as well as courses on globalization and international security at UCSD's GPS Masters program.

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